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Monday - The Lutheran Inquisitor

A quest for answers to pressing issues and their ramifications for the Church today

Tuesday - The Architecture of Worship

From the Eden to the Tabernacle, from the Temple to the Church. Pastor Jon Ehlers examines the development of the Christian place of worship throughout the centuries, the contemporary styles and what they say about our beliefs, practices and traditions.

Wednesday - Faith that Functions

In depth look at the Word of God with Pastor Gordon Naumann.

Thursday - Songs of Hope

Reflections on the Psalms with Denise Seaman.

Friday - Redeemer Theological Academy

Confessing Christ to an unbelieving world.

Saturday - Straight Answers to Awkward Questions

Pastor George Samiec searches the Bible to address challenging issues and provide answers to those intriguing questions our listeners always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Sunday - Sunday Cantata

Pastor Tapani Simojoki introduces a cantata written by Bach for each Sunday of the church year

Rejoice in the Lord's strength, Songs Of Hope, 01. Sep 2016

The kingdom of God provides for our every need now and in eternity

Herod's temple, The Architecture Of Worship, 30. Aug 2016

The apostle Paul and Justification, The Lutheran Inquisitor, 29. Aug 2016

The courtroom scene in the Old Testament. Part 1 of a 3-series interview with Cambridge Doctorandus James Protho.

The hammer of God, Cross Encounters, 28. Aug 2016

The voice that breaks hearts of stone and creates new life.

Boasting: ridiculous or real?, The Lutheran Hour, 28. Aug 2016

What happens when human pride pushes God out of the way?

14th Sunday After Trinity, BWV 78: Jesu, der du meine Seele, Sunday Cantata, 28. Aug 2016

What happens to people who haven't heard about Jesus?, Straight Answers To Awkward Questions, 27. Aug 2016

Ignorance doesn't get you into heaven via the backdoor and telling people about Jesus isn't condemning them to hell but offering life in all its fullness.

Lutheran Radio News, 26. Aug 2016

- 2.000-year-old rural synagogue in Galilee may be similar to sites where Jesus taught; - Do not fetch the comfy chair! Parishioners given Spanish Inquisition by church court over cushions; - An entire village and its Lutheran church are having to relocate; - Two Sudanese pastors charged on 'claims of persecution of Christians'; - Boko Haram’s leader killed - for the fourth time

Isaiah Chapter 42 - Part 4, Redeemer Theological Academy, 26. Aug 2016

Final discussion of the First Servant Song in chapter 42

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Graham Tomlin
95 Antitheses, from Reformation to transformation
Boris Gunjevic
Reformation Mission
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Robert Kolb
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