How can I listen to Lutheran Radio UK?

There are many ways to listen to LRUK. The quickest one is to: Click on the "Listen Live!" button at the top of this page (above the menu bar) to launch the radio player. The newly opened Radio Player also lists alternative ways in which you can listen. Including Windows Media Player and iTunes.

Can I listen to Lutheran Radio UK using my portable/FM radio?

Lutheran Radio UK is an internet radio station and does not broadcast on FM (or AM or DAB). However, newer receivers offer FM, DAB and Internet Radio with almost the same portability and ease of operation that you now enjoy from your FM radio but with added benefits such as enabling you to download

How can I tune in using my mobile phone?

Download the free Lutheran Radio app from Google Play, App Store or Windows Store Using any other Internet radio application: Access this website using your mobile phone and click on the Listen Live button Click on the Listen through your own media player link and choose "Open using [Internet

Can I listen to LRUK in my car?

Any car stereo can be turned into an Internet radio by combining your mobile phone`s Internet connectivity (see "How can I tune in using my mobile phone") with a connection between your mobile phone and your car stereo. Audio cable: Car stereo with an AUX port available: Connect your mobile phone