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Monday - The Lutheran Inquisitor

A quest for answers to pressing issues and their ramifications for the Church today

Tuesday - The Gospel of Mark

Mark is a simple, succinct, unadorned, yet a vivid account of Jesus' ministry

Wednesday - Faith that Functions

In depth look at the Word of God with Pastor Gordon Naumann

Thursday - Songs of Hope

Reflections on the Psalms with Denise Seaman

Friday - Redeemer Theological Academy

Confessing Christ to an unbelieving world

Saturday - Straight Answers to Awkward Questions

Pastor George Samiec searches the Bible to address challenging issues and provide answers to those intriguing questions our listeners always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Sunday - Sunday Cantata

Pastor Tapani Simojoki introduces a cantata written by Bach for each Sunday of the church year

BWV 95 Christus, der ist mein Leben, Sunday Cantata, 16. Sep 2018

"Christ, who is my life". A reflection on Jesus' raising of the son of the widow of Nain, this cantata is built around four Lutheran funeral hymns. It expresses the Christian hope that death holds no fear for those whose Saviour Jesus is.

The mystery of God, The Lutheran Hour, 16. Sep 2018

“The hiddenness of God, which is undeniable, becomes the openness of God when you see His Son, Jesus Christ. That is why we keep proclaiming Jesus Christ to people all over the world.” A classic message from Dr. Oswald Hoffmann.

Lutheran Radio News, 14. Sep 2018

• Ancient sunken Roman ruins linking Jesus directly to God found • Religious Education should be re-branded as 'Religion and Worldviews' to ensure survival, report says • Church of England halves in fifteen years in ‘unrelenting decline’ • China restricts online coverage of burning incense and praying in religious crackdown • India: Christian persecution - Violent mob attacks religious retreat

Baptism: The new creation, the new clothing and the new walking - Part 5, Redeemer Theological Academy, 14. Sep 2018

Baptism: The new creation, the new clothing and the new walking - Part 5

Martin Luther's Insights
Graham Tomlin
95 Antitheses, from Reformation to transformation
Boris Gunjevic
Reformation Mission
Gregory Seltz
Martin Luther, Confessor of God's Enduring Word
Robert Kolb
Psalm 102Mark 14:12-25
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