Who is this man with divine authority? The Son of God!, Cross Encounters, 24. Jun 2018

The Gospel of Mark delivers a message that clearly affirms the identity of Jesus Christ. While his contemporaries were posing valid questions, such as how Christ can defy the traditions of the Jews, Mark concludes with the truth that Jesus is the Son of God and that He comes to serve. Jesus is our ransom from sin and our salvation.

Jesus, don’t You care?, The Lutheran Hour, 24. Jun 2018

"In a boat on a lake in the middle of a storm, Jesus’ disciples ask Him the question you and I are sometimes tempted to ask: “Jesus, don’t you care?” Pastor Ken Klaus tells how God graciously answers even our most foolish and faithless questions.

Lutheran Radio News, 22. Jun 2018

• Christ Church Celebrates 60 Years in Petts Wood • Religious people live four years longer than atheists, study finds. Scientists put it down to being more social, volunteering, and drinking less • 'We can't change the nature of our sacred confessional.' Church refuses to adhere to new law requiring priests to report confessions of child sex abuse • Austrian government orders the closure of seven mosques in crackdown • Pope Francis says having an abortion after pre-natal tests such as Down's Syndrome screenings is 'the same thing as Nazis pursuing a pure race' • Christianity crackdown: Priest hurt in Bethlehem as religion shrinks in conflict

Baptism: the sinful flesh and the cleansing of the conscience, Redeemer Theological Academy, 22. Jun 2018

In this lecture, we discuss God’s use of water in washing and cleansing the conscience.

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